1. Upside Down

From the recording i am jesus

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13 men walking down a dusy road

Going from town to town - yeah spreading good news

Some folks will listen to what they have to say

But others shake their heads - they turn and walk away

Well everwhere they went - people were amazed

Cause signs & wonders were happening everyday

They raised the dead - they healed the sick and lame

One thing is for sure they turned the world upside down!

They turned it upside down

12 men and Messiah preachin love from town to town

They turned it upside down

Brought Satan’s kingdom to the ground (2x)

Repeat verse 3/chorus

Yeah this one man from Nazareth

With His ragtag band of followers

They changed the whole world

They turned it upside down

When Jesus went to the cross

He showed us the true meaning of love

But their story isn’t over

There are still people who need to hear the good news

Let’s go - let’s go - and turn this world upside down