a snapshot of my past - to the present


My life before becoming a christian

Before giving my life to Jesus Christ, I lived on the dark side of life, doing things that I later would be ashamed of; but on the day I gave my life to Jesus - my sins were washed away - the shame, the guilt - all the sins of my past were cast into the sea of God's immeasurable mercy and forgiveness. 

As a teenager, I played in numerous bands as the lead singer and guitarist, and was heavily influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds, Jimi Hendrix, B.B.King, Chuck Berry, Bob Segar and countless others. I started doing drugs and hanging out with the the kids who liked to party... I was in fact one of the boys your mother would warn you not to hang out with.

My senior year in high school didn't go well; my father and I just couldn't relate to each other... I dropped out of high school  and hitch-hiked across the U.S. living day to day just trying to survive. I didn't have time to play music - but it was always in my heart - and I was following the bands and music being played on the radio.

I was later asked if I would like to tour as the Rd.Manager for a nationally know band:THE FROST. That led to me touring the U.S. and meeting and being backstage with the biggest rock bands &  artists at that time. Jeff Beck/Rod Stewart, B.B.King, Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac - just to name a few. 

Living on the street with nothing to touring the U.S. - living in Holiday Inns taught me some valuable lessons about life. I learned that all of us have one thing in common - we are all sinners. We all are guilty of breaking God's commandments and falling short of His glory.  Not long after that I gave my life to Jesus Christ in my mother's kitchen - I have never been the same...

I have 2 books published: PEARLS OF WISDOM & OUT OF THE DARKNESS. Both books are available in print/kindle formats. You will find them under my name: Michael D'Aigle



My life after dying to sin

After surrendering my life to Jesus - everything changed! The world around me still looked the same - but inside of me - there was a transformation that had begun - and continues even now as I write this...  I began to read and study the Bible, and attend church where I became involved in the Praise &  Worship.

I started writing new songs about God and anything and everything that was on my heart.  I was soon playing at coffeehouse's and event's as a soloist where I would sing and share my testimony of how God had saved me out of a life of rebellion and confusion.

Since giving my life to Jesus Christ - I've been involved in nearly every facet of Christian music - from being the co-director of The Lightroom/a coffeehouse, talk show host of the weekly live program - Fact or Fable -owning GODSONGS recording studio here in Michigan, and being the lead singer for numerous Christian bands.  The most notable of the bands I've been with are A NEW DAY, & LAZARUS. Both bands were headline acts, and allowed me to travel and see how powerful anointed music is when presented to a live audience.


My life now...

Blessed Beyond Measure... is probably the best way to describe my life at this time. I made a decision a while ago, to not sign with a major promotion agency because it would mean I would be gone every weekend, and away from my wife and family here in Michigan. That was one of the wisest and best decisions of my life. 

 After years of touring with numerous Christian bands (most notably/LAZARUS,) I sensed God directing me to focus on writing. So, since that transition; God has allowed me to publish 15 albums, and 2 books. I'm currently working on my 3rd book/THE CHRISTIAN FAITH, with my co-author William Rivera. 

In 2009, my wife Debbie and I founded - Light in the Dark Ministries,   (lightinthedarkministries.com) With the vision to partner with other Christian ministries/organizations around the world in taking the Gospel into all the world... That vision has borne much fruit; and now we are using videos/music/words & more to reach countless people everywhere the internet can be accessed.

One of our greatest joys as a couple, was being asked to be the Executive Directors for HIS CHILDREN MINISTRIES, which is an amazing ministry to orphans and widows in India. This ministry is run by Emmanuel and Rani his wife, and their ministry team. You may visit this wonderful ministry by going to: hischildrenministries.com

Finally, let me say that being a Christian and knowing Jesus Christ as my best friend; is what gives my life purpose and meaning. I honestly can't imagine what my life would be like if God wasn't the center of my life.  That thought is scary!

If you don't know Jesus as your Savior & Lord, I challenge you to surrender your life to Him while you still can. Now is the best time to give yourself to God... I guarantee you - it will be the best decision you will ever make.



In Jesus Name,

Michael D'Aigle/fool4christ





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