1. God Is Real

From the recording AMERICA RETURN TO ME

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Some people say there is no God
God is dead, yeah they tell you with a smile
They don't believe in heaven or hell
Aw won't they be surprised
When their turn comes to die!

I've got news for you - God is real
I've got news for you – God is real

Some folks say there is no devil
There ain't no fire where sinners will burn
They don't believe Jesus died to save them
Won't they be surprised when their turn comes to die

I've got news for you - the Devil's real
I've got news for you – The Devil is real!

God is real – ain't no doubt about it
Just look around - tell me what you see
All creation tells a story – all of heaven testifies
That God is real – but some don't believe

But I got news for you – GOD IS REAL
God is real – God is real